Jason ‘mad dog’ Calacanis has had an amusing little disagreement with a journalist from Wired after refusing to conduct an interview over the phone.

Fred Vogelstein of Wired had contacted Calacanis to request an interview about A-list bloggers such as Michael Arrington, but Calacanis said he would prefer an email interview instead, citing the fear of being misquoted.

Vogelstein refused to do this, saying that email leaves too much room for misinterpretation. You can read the email exchanges here.

This led to a round of bitching from both parties – Calacanis saying it was ‘ironic’ that a Wired journo won’t use email, while Wired responded with a headline accusing the ex-Netscape head of being ‘cowardly’.

This is not the first pubic spat involving Calacanis, who is always good value whether you agree or disagree with him. When at Netscape he took great delight in winding up Digg’s Kevin Rose, offering the top Digg users $1,000 a month to migrate to Netscape.

If you’re reading Jason, we’ll happily run an email interview with you, so long as we can avoid those terrible PR soundbites that sometimes creep in… synergies that, leverages this, leading the other….