Congratulations to Jason Calacanis who is now entrepreneur-in-action for the mighty Sequoia Capital.

Calacanis looks all set to help Sequoia review, invest and develop new startups. He is also likely to be working on his own Next Big Thing over the coming months – watch this space. 

Interestingly, he’s been talking about doing something similar to the idea E-consultancy CEO Ashley Friedlein has had on the backburner for the past couple of years…

Sequoia famously invested in Google and also brokered the YouTube sale to Google. We’re sure Calacanis will help them spend a little of their ever-increasing cash pile.

He announced his new position at Search Engine Strategies in Chicago, where he’s been making bad noises about SEO, one of our favourite subjects (something he’s described as ‘bullshit’). Like Calacanis I’m a big believer in quality content, but it ain’t that simple if your website doesn’t work properly…

Calacanis offloaded his Weblogs Inc blogs network to AOL last year and subsequently re-launched Netscape as a sort of capitalist version of Digg. He left AOL following the sacking of CEO Jonathan Miller.

Loren Baker’s published a top list of Jasonisms at the newly-designed Search Engine Journal.