Affiliate Marketing will generate an estimated £2bn in UK online sales this year but it is amazing how little is actually known about the mysterious people involved in this sector.

Does the average afffiliate work full-time or part-time on their websites? How much do they typically earn in a year? What are the most popular sectors and what is the best way of getting converting traffic to their websites?

To help understand more about affiliates, we are running a survey in assocation with Affiliate Program which is aimed at shedding some light on these publishers who are out there playing an important role in the growth of e-commerce.

If you are a UK affiliate, please take the survey now and we promise to make sure you receive a copy of the report when it is published early next year.

The five-minute survey is anonymous though we need your email address to make sure you get the report.

I’ve already dipped into some of the early results and the findings are going to make fascinating reading, both in terms of the census-type information about afffiliates but also their thoughts about the industry and their relationships with merchants and networks.

For example, we’ll be able to tell you the main reasons why affiliates sign up with merchant programs but then don’t do any promotion.

We believe that this will be the biggest piece of research undertaken about affiliates and would like to thank the networks who have supported this research. 

Further reading: for more information about Affiliate Marketing in the UK, you can read our recent briefing on this subject free of charge.