How does the ShareRank tool predict the success of ads? What factors does it take into account? 

The Unruly ShareRank algorithm is a mathematical formula built on data from the Unruly Viral Video Chart, overlain with viewer response data (over 10,000 data points).

Multiple regression analysis revealed the relationship between viewer responses and actual share data and allowed us to identify the variables that have the highest impact on shareability and the relative strength of their contributions.

Factors include psychological triggers, social triggers, content triggers and valence.

What kinds of videos work well according to ShareRank? 

Videos that make viewers feel something very strongly, and give them a rational reason to share the content, tend to work very well. 

How accurate is it? 

We’ve trained the algorithm across over 10,000 data points, and it correctly predicts ‘shareability’ 80% of the time.  We are constantly adding to this data set so the algorithm is getting smarter all the time.

Which brands have been beta testing the tool? Can you share any results? 

We’ve worked with some really exciting brands as part of the Unruly ShareRank beta, but, unfortunately, we’re not in a position to publicise those partnerships right now.

We will share some case studies as soon as we have them.

Is there a risk that people will create ads for the algorithm, thus reducing creativity? 

We’re here to help the creative agency optimise their content creation, not do their job for them. We can provide insight into the best sharing triggers for a piece of content, and the content characteristics that brands can use to enhance those triggers.

We’ll also give them all the context about what will work best for their specific pieces of content, based on the way their sector and competitive set are performing right now. 

However, it’s up to the creative agencies to think of ways to achieve this! Unruly maintains relationships with a body of creative companies, whose services we can call upon to help brands create campaigns. 

Ultimately, if the task is to elevate a video that currently makes people giggle aloud to a video that makes people cry with laughter, the brand is going to have to get very creative!