Can using irregular shapes for calls to action on e-commerce sites improve conversion rates? 

This question has been raised by Linda Bustos on the Get Elastic blog, and it is perhaps something that etailers should consider testing. 

The idea comes from Bryan Eisenburg, who points out that one of the secrets of great call to action buttons is to use ‘irregular shapes, neither rectangular nor oval’

He uses the example of Amazon’s buttons, which are a combination of ovals and rectangles, and stand out more clearly: 

However, Eisenberg cautions against using round buttons, as this may be mistaken for graphical elements, since people expect a vaguely rectangular shape. 

Linda provides some ideas for shapes to use for buttons, as well as some examples used by online retailers, and the idea makes some sense, since the key for any call to action is that is stands out, and irregular shapes could achieve this aim. 

There are other key factors to consider in the design of call to action buttons; the use of colour, size, wording and contrast can all make a difference.