No obfuscation

The Now Tv My Account page is always available from the header and displays all my information and options without obfuscation.

Ok, the calls to action are rather dim but in the context of the amount of information on this page, that feels appropriate. Clarity is one thing, encouragement is quite another.

cancel now tv page

Deft language and reasons to stay

Here’s the classic ‘are you sure?’ page.

The calls to action are well thought out. ‘I still want to cancel’ or ‘OK, I’ll stay’. Note how they are written in the first person and they reference the fact that the customer has already expressed a will to cancel.

This is vital in letting the customer know that although they must jump through a few hoops, Now TV is ready to let them cancel. It’s a tacit understanding and a conversation between customer and brand.

The copy is good here, too, reminding me there’s more to come and that I’m not tied to a contract. The hero image smartly features a series yet to air, one that might peak my interest and I am certain not to have watched already.

To be fair, John Hurt did tempt me a bit.

There are some other classic box sets highlighted. Perhaps NOW TV could improve here. I had already watched every Mad Men episode through their service, something that could be considered when these recommendations are selected.

It’s likely this isn’t run algortihmically (Desperate Housewives made me want to head for the hills).

are you sure? Now TV page

i still want to cancel - now tv

Feedback: honest, discrete and easy

Now TV isn’t afraid of the truth in requesting feedback from the cancelling customer.

The options are again written in first person and with easy language, this helps to smooth the cancellation funnel for a potentially frustrated customer.

just one more thing 

Make me an offer I can’t refuse 

Now’s the time to offer your customers an incentive to stay. Now TV does this well, except I couldn’t remember how much I was paying in the first place and so wasn’t aware of how good, or otherwise, these offers were.

Note the calls to action remain persuasively familiar – ‘I’ll take the deal’.

offers - now tv 

cancel my pass

Ok, you’ve cancelled, but we can still talk..

I thought this was particularly interesting. I’ve now successfully cancelled but Now TV takes the opportunity to serve me an interstitial offering me a new package – movies instead of entertainment.

It does this by trumpeting the 30 day free trial. This is a persuasive tactic – no strings for a month and Now TV gets another 30 days to talk me round. If I didn’t want entertainment any more, it stands to reason I might want something different in my life.

interstitial now tv during cancellation

A final love letter

An email confirms my cancellation. It’s nothing too desperate. There’s a plaintive note, that’s for sure (‘the edge of your seat will miss you’), but it’s really about letting me know I can come back any time.

Nicely done, Now TV. Anyone running a subscription service should take note, leave your cancelling users as satisfied as I was, whilst making sure you recapture as many of the others as you can.

cancellation email - now tv