Capital One is the first major brand to sign up for a multichannel advertising deal across MSN’s new website, mobile and Xbox.

The deal wraps Capital One banners and pre-roll ads around a special section of MSN Entertainment called ‘MSN Exclusives’, as well as tie-ins to exclusive web content and competition prizes.

The credit card company will also ‘takeover’ MSN homepages at key dates during the year to promote product launches.

‘Exclusives’ will provide users with unique content such as celebrity interviews and exclusive movie and music screenings.

MSN executive producer Peter Clifton told us last week that the site’s new focus on channels and original content was aimed at making it more attractive to advertisers.

MSN redesigned its site in December to focus on live coverage as well as original content, and now features dedicated channels for news, sport, entertainment, lifestyle and cars.  

The theory is that by creating original content MSN can draw in more viewers by offering them something they cannot get anywhere else.

It is a strategy that is becoming more common as broadcasters fight for online and connected TV audiences.

YouTube has spent $100m developing original content and CEO Salar Kamangar said yesterday that we are now entering a “third wave” of media consumption where viewers expect to receive their content through dedicated channels.

These channels also make it easier for advertisers to target viewers with relevant advertising.

MSN is hoping that the deal with Capital One will prove the strength of its channels as an advertising tool as all marketing activity will be centred around content that is relevant to the brand’s objectives.

MSN, which has 27.3m unique users per month, extended its ad platform in January with the launch of a new iPad app that mirrors the channel format of the website.