Foolproof raises over £60k for Cancer Research UK with Hyundai contactless car

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Foolproof partnered with Hyundai and Cancer Research UK to build the world's first car enabled for contactless payments, raising over £60,000 for the Stand Up To Cancer campaign.

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In an increasingly cashless society, traditional payments are under threat. In this digital era, we are also seeing a new generation of donators who expect engaging, informative and frictionless experiences in exchange for their support and hard-earned cash. Foolproof embarked on a journey to understand how contactless payments can connect to a physical experience to innovate the act of giving.

Objectives & Aims

Foolproof set out to develop a solution that inspired charity donations and raised awareness of the Stand Up To Cancer campaign while embracing the latest technologies. Working with Hyundai, the London-based UX design agency designed the world’s first car enabled for contactless payment. At the heart of this project was Cancer Research UK’s desire to push the boundaries of fundraising and Hyundai’s passion for innovation.

Proving the need for innovation around contactless donations, YouGov’s 2017 Charitable Giving report found that 30% of Britons would be more likely to donate to charity if they could do so by using contactless technology. In fact, the report found that millennials are most likely to consider charitable contactless donation with 52% of 18 to 34 year olds saying this would make them more likely to donate.

Implementation, Execution & Tactics

Hyundai’s zero-emission IONIQ car not only drives donations through its five contactless payment points, but it also allows for a physical, shareable experience. This was a key part of the strategy and a great way to spread the word about the campaign. The vehicle’s interior was fitted with a photo booth so donators could take a selfie and share it on social media.

Being a world first, it was important to stand out in the right places in order to make an impact in PR and increase donations. The car made an appearance at several high-profile events and Hyundai dealerships across the UK between June and October 2017.

It was equally important that the car harnessed the latest technological innovations to attract attention. This included integrating Ardunio micro-controllers and Raspberry Pi micro-computers to ensure that the car reacted immediately to each interaction. It also meant connecting the contactless readers to two LED totalisers to tally up donations. Importantly, the modified car was fully road legal, and able to travel by road to each venue.


Since its launch in May 2017, the contactless car has helped Stand Up To Cancer raise £61,941.

Susannah Jacques, Brand Experience Manager at Hyundai commented that, "It was a really positive experience working with the Foolproof team. We came to them with a really challenging brief; a world-first is always a big challenge. The ideas from Foolproof were big and bold; it was a really good response to the brief.”

President and CEO of Hyundai UK Tony Whitehorn added: “We are extremely proud to be supporting Cancer Research UK this year as an official partner of Stand Up To Cancer, and we’re helping in the way that we know best - with innovation.”