IRM and the city of Paris reach 5.7 million views with Snapchat

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To re-establish its standing as one of the best travel spots and reposition itself as a digital city, the city of Paris worked with IRM on a Snapchat campaign.

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Digital innovation agency IRM and the Paris region worked together to run a mobile campaign that targeted tech-savvy, fashion-forward millennials to get them interested in what the city has to offer. Both international tourists and local Parisians were targeted.

This campaign follows on from Île-de-France President Valérie Pécresse’s vow to reposition Paris as a “smart region” and a hub for digital innovation. It also aligns with President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to transform France into a “startup nation".

Objectives & Aims

The main objective of the campaign was to engage millennials and promote Paris via social media during Fashion Week. While various social media channels were initially considered, Snapchat’s popularity amongst younger audiences made it stand out. In fact, comScore found that Snapchat has a reach of 89% among 18-24 year olds and this age group spends an average of 909 minutes per month on the platform, beating Facebook at 640 minutes. IRM also claim that there are 11 million Snapchat users in France alone and 70% of these are over 18.

Implementation, Execution & Tactics

Once Snapchat was chosen as the key channel, six snapchat filters were trialled during Paris Fashion Week. The campaign was launched on February 27th, the first day of Paris Fashion Week to spark interest immediately. A/B split testing was implemented to maximise the impact.

IRM made sure to filter by audience and geography to reach the right set of people. The geofilter proved to be extremely successful. It consisted of selecting the exact spot where tourists tend to take their Eiffel Tower selfies and making this filter only accessible within that specific location, an area of 44,000 square feet. 


IRM’s filters were viewed 5.7 million times and were shared by users in their Chat and Stories on Snapchat over 200,000 times.

“We were delighted with the campaign, which delivered a really strong conversion rate from impressions to shares and a high percentage of people saving the picture on their phones to share across other social media platforms,” said Megan Goodwin, Joint Managing Director at IRM. “Combining creativity and location-based capabilities, Snapchat offers the ability to be extremely targeted. This latest campaign for Paris was a great example of how brands – and even cities – can engage with a unique audience that often can’t be found on other social media platforms.”

“It is amazing to think that your community is relaying your message about Paris and happy to share your ad with their family and friends,” adds Valerie Bozzetto, Joint Managing Director at IRM, “In fact Snapchatters become ambassadors of the city itself. This is what advertising should be about; finding a way to be at the centre of people’s conversations.” 

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