Je Joue creates an app to control their sex toys via your phone

In an industry that is moving quickly, Je Joue has taken a step ahead of the competition with the introduction of two new products, the ‘Nuo’ and ‘Dua’ sex toys, bridging the gap between physical and digital with an iPhone app to control the devices.

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Je Joue, a high-end, luxury sex toys brand had the opportunity to move into the world of teledildonics (technology for remote sex, where sensations are communicated via digital link) and build an app to control a sex toy. After an extensive development and research process, an app was created which provided deeper, richer sensations that fed off a prototype’s signal. Industry experts were involved to ensure the best user experience and develop the right level of interaction.

The design is simple and elegant, requiring minimal concentration while offering maximum satisfaction, introducing the Je Joue experience to the digital environment and giving users an unforgettable experience.

Objectives & Aims

In a fast-developing landscape, Je Joue has taken a step ahead of the competition with their new ‘Nuo’ and ‘Dua’ sex toys. The products are controlled via Bluetooth with the use of a sleek-looking pen.

The objective was to create an iPhone app to control the device that would offer these specific functionalities:

  • Ability to pair the app via Bluetooth with the J12 Butt Plug or JJ13 Wearable Egg
  • Ability to control speed and vibration pattern of the connected device
  • Six preloaded playlists for users to select from
  • Functionality to enable users to record sessions and replay previous sessions
  • Functionality to allow users to email saved sessions
  • Ability to rename or delete playlists and saved sessions
  • Support the launch of the J12 Butt Plug and JJ13 Wearable Egg

Implementation, Execution & Tactics

Once the development team was able to generate the required signals from the device, the creative team ensured the luxury Je Joue experience was brought to life in the digital world.

When it comes to app development, the best digital experiences are those that fit effortlessly into the user’s lifestyle, without causing a distraction, serving only to aid the user in reaching their goal. With this in mind, Draw Group spent considerable time developing the right level of interaction that wouldn’t intrude on the user’s private moment. The design is simple, intuitive and elegant, requiring minimal concentration while delivering maximum satisfaction.

The app features advanced functionality allowing users to record and replay sessions to offer a hands-free experience, with patterns fully customisable. To facilitate long distance partner play, Draw added in functionality enabling users to email recorded sessions to their significant other.


The objective of the app was to provide an unobtrusive and seamless user experience to support the launch of new products within the Je Joue range. Through clever design and comprehensive user research, these aims were achieved and surpassed.

In the first few months following the launch, the app was downloaded 359 times, and 210 product purchases allowed the app to break even.

Given that the app really needs to be downloaded online with a product purchase, the Je Joue app has in four months paid off the investment and cemented the Je Joue brand as an innovative market leader in the industry.


Shortlisted – Mobile/Tablet Customer-Facing App, The Drum MOMA Awards 2016

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