Just Eat builds digital teams to accelerate innovation

Strategy & Operations (119), Retail (177), UK (314), EMEA (353)

Just Eat planned to accelerate their innovation by thinking about new strategies to structure and scale their agile workforce and further improve their offerings to customers.

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Just Eat’s business model is based around bringing digital technologies at speed to the food delivery sector. Their desire to maintain their market position whilst accelerating innovation led them to think about new ways in which they could scale their workforce. By building a digital workforce, Just Eat could complement their existing workplace structure and quickly respond to change.

Working with Arrows Group Global, Just Eat created a compelling process for new applicants, offering a hiring experience mirroring the values of the brand. The focus was on making sure applicants were a good ‘cultural fit’, meaning they would reflect brand values and integrate quickly to become valuable members of an agile workforce.

Objectives & Aims

Just Eat is the world’s leading marketplace for online food delivery. The brand wants to continue innovating to maintain the growth that has seen the company now established across 12 global markets.

The plan was to assess the existing workplace culture and implement new strategies to allow scaling of this agile workforce. The concept of building a digital workforce would allow the company to expand while quickly adapting to change.

Stakeholders recognised that during a period of rapid international expansion a cohesive talent strategy would be important in sustaining their market-leading position. Just Eat saw the need to centralise their approach to building a world-class workforce and to amplify the values that set them apart from their competition.

Implementation, Execution & Tactics

Arrows Group Global worked with Just Eat to develop a workforce strategy across multiple locations, which would harness the brand’s needs and values to create a team best fitting with the company’s values.

Arrows Group provided in-depth market analysis and hard evidence on available talent pools, whilst also identifying global markets to match Just Eat’s international skills requirements and workforce plan.

Running multiple OneDay™ sessions to reduce the interview process to a single stage, Arrows Group created a compelling experience for applicants. They created a hiring experience to mirror the Just Eat brand – agile, innovative and full of feel-good moments.

Alongside this, Arrows Group Global introduced a streamlined on-boarding programme with their CareCon™ solution, which includes all aspects from initial on-boarding to compliance and extension management, resulting in an optimised workflow and creating increased productivity.


Through collaboration with Arrows Group Global, Just Eat now has a systematic workforce plan that incorporates online workflow management tools and demonstrates clear delivery milestones. Stakeholders were informed of the skills requirements across multiple departments, enabling a more centralised approach to talent recruitment.

The streamlined process of having single days for interviews meant the necessary stakeholders were able to make time for such sessions and all involved were clear as to what they were looking for in new additions to their workforce.

This OneDay™ solution was used to fill more than 60 development, testing and senior roles in the space of three months within the difficult digital markets of London and Bristol. Alongside this, Arrows Group’s CareCon™ solution is being used to support the training and cultural immersion of new hires, meaning employees become fully-integrated members of the wider business as quickly as possible.

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