three asos models wearing black clothes

Global fashion retailer works with cloud technology consultancy Amido to develop solution that reduced friction at the checkout, increased conversion and boosted social sharing.


Cloud technology consultancy Amido designed a global identity and loyalty solution for online fashion retailer ASOS. The solution, which leveraged the brand’s existing technology, reduced friction at the checkout, improved social sharing and offered ASOS a greater understanding of its customers.

Objectives & Aims

User feedback and analytics had identified issues in the ASOS checkout process. Customers had been facing difficulties during the registration and sign-in processes, which had an impact on sales, resulting in a loss in conversion.

ASOS’s goal was to make the journey from registration to purchase as smooth as possible, and to integrate a single sign on with a single view of the customer. This would allow customers who use social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, to benefit from a seamless login and social sharing experience across the platforms.

ASOS also wanted to better understand its shoppers, and build stronger relationships with them to augment its engagement efforts.

Implementation, Execution & Tactics

ASOS approached Amido to develop a new identity service that could be incorporated into the brand’s existing technology assets. It also worked with Amido to connect its storefront with different social channels. Its solution was made of three parts:

  • A vendor-neutral cloud architecture that integrated multiple cloud services – The solution combined the consumer management capabilities of an off-the-shelf identity platform with the identity features of Microsoft Azure.
  • Developing a proof of concept to de-risk the solution – Amido’s proof of concept incorporated ASOS’s legacy systems, and managed all aspects of the solution’s development.
  • The integration of an identity service – This allowed ASOS to establish the systems integration and build ASOS’s bespoke features..


Results included:

  • A reduction in friction at the checkout, increasing conversions and decreasing the number of abandoned transactions.
  • Social sign on delivered instant insight into newly acquired customers, richer information around customer registration, up-to-date views of returning customers and single representation of customers, regardless of how they sign in to ASOS.
  • Improved customer engagement through social sharing.
  • Better understanding of customer behaviour.

The solution also benefited the business by establishing a consistent and reusable registration and sign on user experience across all ASOS websites and applications, including mobile apps. The global solution complies to standards and has a low operational overhead.