Bloom & Wild Peonies

The online florist partnered with customer engagement platform Braze to give customers control over whether to receive Mother’s Day messages that may be painful, and instead receive tailored messaging. The day that the opt out launched, Bloom & Wild received more than four times more positive interactions on Twitter than average.


Since launching in 2013, Bloom & Wild has become the UK’s most popular online florist, offering letterbox and hand tied bouquets at the click of a button.

Mother’s Day is Bloom & Wild’s biggest peak of the year, so naturally it is a focus within comms at that time of year. However, staying true to two of its five core values – “Care” and “Customer First” – Bloom & Wild recognised that, while some consumers view this day as a happy occasion to spend time with and share gifts with the mothers in their life, for others Mother’s Day can be a painful reminder of individual struggles.

Listening to their customers, Bloom & Wild understood that those with sensitivities to Mother’s Day would rather not be sent messaging about the occasion. As a result, it partnered with customer engagement platform Braze to help customers opt out of Mother’s Day communications, and instead receive tailored messaging.

The campaign was a success, seeing close to 18,000 Bloom & Wild customers opting out of Mother’s Day communications and 5x positive customer feedback.

Objectives & Aims

The objective for Bloom & Wild was not to capitalise on the projected £1.6bn UK Mother’s Day spend, but instead to act in a thoughtful way for its customers. It wanted to create a campaign that wasn’t about hitting sales goals or garnering revenue, but that instead puts customers first and allows those who don’t want to hear about the occasion to opt out of Mother’s Day messages.

By enabling customers to opt out of potentially upsetting communications, Bloom & Wild hoped to garner customer trust and loyalty in the long run.

Implementation, Execution & Tactics

Working with customer engagement platform Braze, Bloom & Wild was able to make opting out of messages possible for customers. With Braze’s technology, Bloom & Wild created a specific email campaign for all customers, directing them to an opt out landing page. Customers who opted out were added to the same segment which removed them from the upcoming Mother’s Day campaign. Customers who were part of this segment automatically received different messages and communications that respected their sensitivities.

Bloom & Wild has continued this approach for many other occasions since 2019’s Mother’s Day and across multiple platforms. For example, this year, customers which opted out of specific event communications saw no mention of the events on the website, the homepage, the navigation menus or even the products when logged into their account.

Bloom & Wild has also launched a new preferences section, which makes it easier for people to opt out of reminders to sensitive occasions at any time, without having to wait to be asked.


The campaign was a success, with close to 18,000 Bloom & Wild customers opting out of Mother’s Day communications. The day that the opt out campaign launched, interactions with the brand on Twitter grew from an average of 4-5% to 20%, an increase of more than 4x. Bloom & Wild also received positive customer feedback via phone calls and emails, spiking up to 1,500 responses – 5x the average amount from its customers.

Such success inspired Bloom & Wild to take the approach for other significant days such as Valentine’s Day and Grandparents’ Day.

It then went on to create the Thoughtful Marketing Movement to encourage other brands to also take a customer-first approach and commit to offering opt outs to potentially sensitive content whilst providing more tailored messaging to customers. So far, over 130 brands have already signed up to the movement, including the likes of Paperchase, The Telegraph, and Treatwell.