Case Study of the Month | September 2023 | Editor’s pick

“This success story is a great example of the power of data analysis and optimisation across influencers, creatives and formats. Converting this audience with a lower budget was no small challenge but Thyga did a great job! The results speak for themselves.”

— Laurence Bird, Research Director, Econsultancy


Pernod Ricard wanted to make its Chivas Regal whisky brand more relevant to a younger demographic and increase Amazon sales in the UK. The company partnered with digital agency Thyga for a Meta and Amazon advertising campaign which used micro influencers to build trust and engagement. Hundreds of different advertising variations using the three influencers, over 70 pieces of creative and seven specially created, younger audience segments were tested to understand which ones resulted in the best reach and engagement. Following the campaign, Amazon sales increased by 25% and clickthrough rates increased by 700%, for 30% less cost.

Objectives and Aims

Thyga was briefed to raise brand awareness across social media, increasing clickthrough rates at a lower cost.

Implementation, execution and key tactics

The strategy was to find and use the most relevant micro-influencers for a paid social and Amazon advertising campaign. Micro influencers tend to command higher engagement rates with audiences when compared to macro influencers.

Thyga used proprietary tracking technology to analyse 3000 relevant influencers in terms of content, reach, engagement and cost effectiveness. The top three were chosen to represent the brand.

Seven custom audience segments aged 21-35 years were created, based around users who engaged with the chosen influencers’ content. These segments would be more likely engage with Chivas vs using standard affinity audience segments.

Over 70 different advertising creatives were produced, including animations and statics showcasing the Chivas bottle. Meta’s tracking services and Amazon tracking links analysed which creative resulted in the best engagement rates across the different channels and different audience segments. This insight was used to optimise which influencer, creative and format would be most likely to convert a specific audience, with advertising budget allocated accordingly. For example, Dean Whyte, a boxing influencer, was originally allocated 30% of the budget for spend, but this was increased to 60% following testing.


  • 700% increase in clickthrough rate
  • 30% decrease in cost per click
  • 25% increase in Amazon sales
  • One million 21-35 year olds reached