Case Study of the Month | February 2023 | Editor’s pick

“HealthHero’s pre-existing digital set up was not working for the brand or its customers. This is a great example of a brand building the foundations to support better, more relevant and more effective customer journeys. In particular we like the deliberate alignment between its sales and marketing efforts, creating a clear journey for sales leads and supporting its signing of new clients.”

— Rose Keen, Senior Analyst, Econsultancy


HealthHero is the largest telehealth platform in Europe, offering 35 million B2C and B2B users clinical services, virtual GP appointments and mental health support. The company worked with digital agency Articulate Marketing to optimise its website for lead generation and online awareness around the launch of its new app, Symbio. The site was migrated onto an integrated, AI-powered CRM platform, which enabled HealthHero to analyse customer interactions, produce more relevant content, monitor its performance and personalise user engagement at scale. Aligning marketing content to more streamlined data capture and sales engagement processes also optimised HealthHero’s lead generation. Following the site relaunch, sales leads increased by 2,078% and online traffic improved by 182%.

Objectives and aims

Articulate Marketing was briefed to increase online traffic, improve the user experience and ensure HealthHero’s website delivered more sales leads.

Implementation, execution and key tactics 

HealthHero’s existing website had been built piecemeal on WordPress. It was not integrated with a CRM system and it lacked marketing automation. In addition, the site was slow, its page architecture was confusing and it did not push key product lines. These factors were negatively affecting the site’s user experience and its ability to deliver sales leads at scale. With little data visibility, HealthHero was not able to pull together accurate customer reports or make insight-driven decisions.

The strategy was to move the website onto a platform that would allow for marketing automation, personalisation, measurement and data reporting, to improve the customer experience and increase conversions. On this basis, HubSpot Enterprise was chosen as HealthHero’s new integrated platform.

The user experience was optimised by improving the website’s speed by 92%. This was done by building pages with a minimised page weight, lazy loading and only the necessary dynamic elements. Creating a consistent new brand identity and messaging throughout also provided a more seamless experience. In addition, a new landing page was built for key product promotion, including the new Symbio app.

Keyword research and customer data from the new platform was used to create relevant, helpful blog content, to help increase HealthHero’s online visibility. The blog content was arranged into ‘topic clusters’ using HubSpot’s SEO tools. These were groups of longer articles targeted at high-volume, short-tail keywords, which enabled HealthHero to rank more highly on key topics such as ‘mental health in the workplace’, ‘men’s health’ and ‘health in a hybrid/ remote working environment’.

The company aligned its sales and marketing by building new landing pages for the content, which included automated follow-ups with users, creating a clear journey for sales leads. For example, in one quarter, 4,000 automated follow-up emails were sent, with a 70% increase in clicks and a 220% increase in open rates.

Several Hubspot capabilities were used to optimise personalisation and monitoring on an ongoing basis:

  • Multi-Touch Revenue Attribution automatically connected every customer interaction to revenue, so HealthHero could make decisions rooted in business value
  • Custom Objects enabled customised data capture and reports arranged in audience segments
  • Custom Behavioural Events allowed HealthHero to target customers based on data showing how they interacted with the company on its website and on the new app


  • 182% increase in online traffic
  • 282% increase in blog visits
  • 2,078% increase in sales leads, resulting in seven new clients in three months with five figure sum annual contract values