woman and child in bed wearing eyemasks

Takumi extends the reach of SOMNOS Kickstarter campaign with an influencer-led strategy, raising more than $170,000 and boosting Instagram followers by 430%.


With help from influencer management platform Takumi, SOMNOS raised more than $170,000 for the launch of its weighted comforter. Takumi’s strategy involved working with a variety of influencers on Instagram to showcase the product being used in a variety of different contexts, which engaged new audiences.


SOMNOS had created a range of weighted comforters – duvet-like blankets that apply slight pressure to the body to promote deeper sleep and relieve stress – but needed to raise €20,000 to bring the product to market in the US. It set up a Kickstarter campaign, acknowledging that the most difficult part would be spreading the word and showing that the product was worthy of investment.

Weighted comforters are well known within the medical community, but SOMNOS needed to demonstrate the benefits of having one for personal use. Equally, it knew knew that there are countless crowdfunding campaigns that are just concepts or pipe dreams, whereas SOMNOS had a fully finished, high-quality product ready for market.


SOMNOS invested some money into an influencer marketing campaign to coincide with the funding round, which allowed the brand to put the product in the hands of real people and generate authentic examples of it in use. Working with influencer platform Takumi, SOMNOS gave 20 influencers a comforter in advance of the Kickstarter campaign’s launch.

Takumi oversaw all aspects of the influencer campaign, which involved sourcing and briefing a variety of different influencers, including singles who worked or travelled a lot, as well as mothers with young children.

This allowed SOMNOS to showcase the comforter’s use in different situations and appeal to various audiences, as well as reach a new demographic outside of the usual target for weighted comforters; a younger segment of 25- to 45-year-olds who might not be aware of the concept but could benefit from a better night’s sleep.


SOMNOS smashed its initial funding target in 12 hours, going on to raise more than $170,000 – seven times its original goal. The influencer posts generated a total reach of over 455,847 people, with an average engagement rate of 4.52%, and SOMNOS’ Instagram followers increased over 430% in the subsequent 20 days.

Most significantly, it was able to trace 42% of backers on Kickstarter to Instagram. Seeing people share the benefits of the weighted comforter with their friends and followers lent credibility to the brand and product, which in turn drove funding. The campaign also gave SOMNOS 20 high quality visual assets showing people enjoying the product, which the business could then reuse in its own channels and for other marketing purposes.