Wealthify is a UK-based online investment service  whose brand is based around making investment knowledge more accessible to ordinary consumers. The company partnered with digital agency Yard to raise brand awareness and organic traffic particularly for its Junior ISA product.

A research-driven content marketing and digital PR campaign explored parents’ attitudes and capabilities towards saving for their children. A granular seeding strategy leveraged relevant news hooks, case studies and tailored data releases to relevant regional and sector media to maximise the potential for media coverage and backlinks. The four month campaign increased Wealthify’s search ranking by 68% and delivered a 233% increase in organic traffic.

Objectives & aims

Yard was tasked with:

    • Driving traffic to
    • Acquiring 25 high authority backlinks
    • Improving the current 19th position SERP ranking

Implementation, execution & tactic

The strategy was to target the customers for Wealthify’s Junior ISA products – parents of young people. Wealthify’s consumer research showed that parents’ financial burden was increasing due to rising costs of living, education and housing. Therefore a content and link-building campaign was created which would position Wealthify as an expert financial ally to its parent target audience.

Based on an omnibus survey of 2,000 parents, a Silver Spoon Nation report was created which explored parents’ saving priorities and capabilities. For example, 45% of those who earned more than the average UK salary felt they did not earn enough to save for their children’s future.

Housed on the Wealthify website alongside additional investment advice, the survey content was seeded to financial, news, parenting and lifestyle media via a digital PR campaign. The media needed to include links to the site so that users could accessible more advice and data. Quality backlinks increase sites’ credibility among search engines and therefore help increase rankings and visibility.

Regional and sector data was released to relevant media channels, to extend the Silver Spoon report’s coverage potential. For example, this resulted in pieces such as Londoners spend less on their children compared with the national average and Welsh parents were the most generous this Christmas in regional media. Coverage in vertical media channels such as in online wedding and motor publications aimed to build brand awareness across a range of demographics.

In addition, to further extend the coverage potential of the report, real life case study stories were sourced and released with data alongside a relevant topical news hook, aligning the release with the UK government’s Spring Budget announcement.


  • 232.7% increase in YOY traffic to the Junior ISA page
  • 58 high authority backlinks
  • 98 pieces of media coverage, including 51 pieces of linked coverage in top tier media outlets such as I News, The Mirror, This is Money, Daily Express, LDN Connected and Bride Magazine.
  • Wealthify went from position 19 to 6th for the search term ‘Junior ISA’, putting them on the first page of Google for this term