Equestrian wear brand LeMieux wanted to achieve growth by expanding into new markets internationally. To achieve this, it partnered with ecommerce marketing agency Nest Commerce to rejuvenate its paid social strategy with a focus on the US market. This involved transitioning from a performance focus to a full-funnel approach, repurposing existing high quality video assets into engaging storytelling that would promote brand awareness and introduce LeMieux’s core product collections. The new strategy achieved 38% year-on-year (YoY) growth, driven by 32% YoY growth in new customer acquisition and 56% YoY growth in existing customer orders.

Objectives and aims:

The core objectives of the campaign were to achieve growth through international expansion, supported by paid social advertising. The targets were to achieve efficient growth while building a new customer base and continuing to grow existing customer orders.

Implementation, execution and tactics:

To begin expansion into the US market, LeMieux identified its ideal customer as a lookalike audience based on existing customers with high lifetime value. This ensured the growth of a high-converting audience as well as a focus on acquiring customers likely to have a long-term relationship with the brand. The brand had confidence in this new approach as it had seen a base level of organic demand from the US.

LeMieux’s existing video assets were repurposed for a top-of-funnel approach focused on drawing out engaging stories that introduced the brand and its core product range to potential customers. These video assets were rolled out on social media, with particular focus on Facebook and Instagram. This approach aimed to build awareness and establish LeMieux as a premium brand in the equestrian wear market.

Potential customers moving down the funnel were served new, bottom-of-funnel creative focused on specific product categories and conversions such as the brand’s winter Lumen range and horse rugs. As the holiday season approached, ads focusing on gift products targeted consumers with high purchase intent. Insights from LeMieux’s first-party data were used for these campaigns to prioritise product ranges with high potential that were also aligned with broader business goals. The video content for these campaigns highlighted the products’ unique selling points, such as the technical features of horse rugs.


  • 38% YoY revenue growth
  • 32% YoY growth in new customer acquisition
  • 56% YoY growth in existing customer orders
  • 33% YoY higher return on ad spend