Planet Organic is a UK-based company with an ecommerce website and 11 stores which sell sustainably sourced lifestyle and homecare products.  The organic and ethically sourced sector was increasingly competitive, and so the company wanted to optimise its audience engagement approach. Working with digital agency Venture Stream, Planet Organic used email marketing to increase audience engagement with its brand positioning as a promoter of health, wellbeing and ethical lifestyles. A personalisation strategy coupled with a test-and-learn approach was key to campaign success. The target audience was segmented by lifestyle, location and gender and relevant, topical messaging was delivered to each segment. AB testing of creative and timings then optimised campaign delivery. The strategy increased organic website visits and transactions, leading to a 42% revenue uplift.

Objectives & aims

  • Increase traffic to the Planet Organic website
  • Increase online sales/conversion rate
  • Support the growth of seven physical store locations.

Implementation, execution & tactics

The email marketing strategy was to be as visible and relevant as possible to target customers, without spamming the database. This approach kept the unsubscribe rate low and the open rate high. Audience segmentation and messaging personalisation was therefore key.

Email recipients were categorised by the same healthy lifestyle segments used in the website’s product categorisation which had successfully delivered a better user experience and generated a higher dwell time. For example, segments included vegan, vegetarian, keto, gluten-free and sugar-free. This created a more seamless, multi-channel customer experience between the online store and the email communication. In addition, it meant that emails capitalised on topical and popular diet and food trends, to optimise engagement rates.

Messages were then tailored to these segments and personalised further by location and gender, for example driving footfall to relevant stores, advertising in-store events and local brand offerings. MailChimp recommendations helped customise these segments even more according to purchase history.

Ongoing AB testing of subject lines, timings and content optimised the email campaign’s creative and delivery strategy. For example, comparing open and clickthrough rates pinpointed the optimum day and time to send marketing emails to Planet Organic customers for maximum engagement. In addition, the ongoing monitoring led to the introduction of more relevant subject lines and blog content such as recipes featuring products sold online and in-store and guest posts from Planet Organic’s resident experts.

Using automated emails was also a cost-effective and efficient audience engagement tool. Automated emails helped convert first-time buyers by communicating the brand’s values and including a discount code to encourage purchase. The emails were tailored according to whether the target was an existing or potential customer and were also based around purchase and search history. This resulted in a 34.15% open rate and a 3.8% clickthrough rate.

An automated strategy was also introduced to re-engage lapsed customers after 30 days, 60 days and 90 days of inactivity. This resulted in a 24.1% open rate and 2.3% click through rate – higher than the average 15.66% and 2.07% for ecommerce brands.


  • 48.6 million total audience reach
  • 29.3% increase in email marketing revenue YoY
  • 42% revenue uplift
  • 33.9% rise in transactions
  • 45.8% increase in total website users.