Examples of NatWest targeted loan adverts


In partnership with Zenith, NatWest increased sales by 47% year on year by creating a single digital targeting and measurement platform. This gave it the ability to efficiently target existing NatWest customers and measure performance online accurately.

Objectives & Aims

NatWest wanted to sell loans to its existing customers only. It partnered with Zenith to help find its customers ‘in the wild’, to sell them – and only them – loans.

The bank also asked Zenith to link its multiple first-party data sources so that it could understand more about its customers.

Implementation, Execution & Tactics

To achieve NatWest’s goals, Zenith wanted not only to increase the bank’s ability to reach audiences efficiently, but to drive key actions, across all platforms, while directly attributing activity correctly. To do this, it used a DMP, Adobe Audience Manager, to combine multiple sources of first-party customer data in one place and target customers efficiently.

This new single customer view formed the basis for all the digital media buying for the bank, enabling it to use new tools such as Display In-App and attribute performance accurately.

Zenith furthered this integration through a partnership with Facebook. It connected the DMP to Facebook to create a single digital targeting and measurement platform for NatWest customers.

NatWest’s DMP was then connected to Pega, an AI decision-making platform. This allowed the bank to isolate people with a strong relationship with NatWest and target customers who would most likely take out a loan.

Using the bank’s own data, Zenith mapped customers against individual life stages, identifying the type of loan that an individual would be interested in taking out and targeting them with dynamic personalised creative focused on individual life moments.
Facebook Attribution enabled Zenith and the bank to track all performance metrics across all digital channels, platforms and devices and optimise appropriately.


The single customer view and improved targeting drove significant improvements in campaign performance across the board, including a 30% increase in reach and a 47% increase in sales (YoY). Personalised targeting based on life moment stages resulted in an 18% improvement in CTR.

Using Facebook Attribution also helped Zenith better understand campaign targeting and performance. This improved targeting helped deliver a 17% increase in incremental sales through in-app display, and improved cross-device attribution, resulting in an additional 38% of sales on a different device to the one which the ad was delivered on.