Technology retailer USB Makers specialises in branded USB sticks and personalised tech gifts. The company partnered with SEO and digital marketing agency Quibble to deliver a campaign focused on interactive, useful content in the form of a calculator that determines USB transfer speeds on different devices and generations of the technology.

The calculator was used to find the difference in data transfer speeds between the two different versions of the iPhone 15, which utilised different USB iterations. The resulting data was circulated to journalists with the aim of attracting coverage and backlinks from high-quality publications.

The campaign delivered a 50% uplift in organic traffic, 320 backlinks and 630 new keyword rankings.

Objectives and aims:

USB Makers wanted to increase its organic growth and obtain high-quality media coverage, within a small budget. Its objectives for Quibble were:

  • Increase backlinks to the site
  • Increase keyword rankings and organic traffic

Implementation, execution and tactics:

The campaign was built around an interactive calculator that could calculate USB transfer speeds through different USB generations, from the first iteration to the most modern. Through the calculator, users would be able to understand how long it would take to transfer various file sizes to and from a device. Interactive and useful content with a strong hook is used to attract backlinks from publications and websites, which builds the destination website’s rating with Google (according to its quality rater guidelines of expertise, experience, authoritativeness and trustworthiness, or E-E-A-T for short) increasing its keyword rankings on search engine results pages.

The interactive calculator was used to find the transfer speed difference between the two different versions of the iPhone 15, which was due for release. Quibble identified that the more advanced iPhone 15 utilising USB 3.0 had a transfer speed up to 90% higher than its standard counterpart utilising USB 2.0. This data was sent to journalists specialising in tech and iPhone news, who were invited to verify the information for themselves and offer the calculator to their readers as a linkable resource. This strategy obtained coverage from online tech publications including Forbes, TechRadar, T3, MSN and Yahoo.


  • 50% uplift in organic traffic
  • More than 320 backlinks
  • More than 630 new keyword rankings