Implementation and optimisation

Aligning Social with Content Strategy

For those organisations that have not clearly defined their content strategy, social media will continue to be a place where content is published with limited focus, and therefore, limited success. This chapter looks at how brands can achieve campaign goals by defining a focus for their content, before summarising the legal considerations marketers in social […]

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Activity Planning in Social Media

When planning social media activities, bear in mind that the activity should mirror any strategic element of the business. Many organisations use existing marketing and communications planning processes to develop their social media activity. This chapter looks at the ten steps brands should take to develop their social media activity, from research and planning through […]

19 minute read

Organising Resources for Social Media

So far, this guide has outlined the many ways social media can be transformative for brands, but what exactly does it take to get a social strategy up and running? This chapter summarises the resources, policies and processes brands should have in place to thrive on social media. In 2013, Altimeter reviewed the operating models […]

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Approaches to Social Listening

With social listening, marketers can manage risk, uphold brand reputation and create content that better resonates with the audience. This chapter outlines the key considerations for marketers engaging in social listening. Reputation and risk management Social media has had a huge impact on brand and organisational communications and has led to a total transformation of […]

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Implementing Marketing Automation

Once the strategic foundations of a marketing automation approach have been laid, an organisation may progress through to implementing the strategy by following the eight steps outlined in this chapter. Set clear goals and objectives Setting clear goals on what implementing marketing automation is seeking to achieve is a crucial first step in the implementation. […]

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Laying the Strategic Groundwork for Marketing Automation

To effectively execute a marketing automation programme, it is important to spend time upfront scoping out the role marketing automation could play in an organisation. Building a clear strategic foundation makes it easier to create any necessary internal business cases and move to the next step of implementation. Building this foundation can help create an […]

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Social Platforms to Watch

There are many social networks beyond the biggest players, both established and emerging, which offer brands new opportunities for engaging and interacting with their audiences in different ways. This chapter takes a look at three of these – Reddit, Clubhouse and Caffeine – and how organisations have been using them in their marketing strategies. Reddit […]

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Getting Started on Messaging Platforms

Messaging app growth is outpacing social network growth. This chapter outlines how businesses can use messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp and Guild, to reach new audiences. Consumer communication is dominated by messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat. App usage statistics from October 2020 show that Facebook Inc.-owned WhatsApp has 2 billion users […]

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Getting Started on Twitch

Brands have the opportunity to meaningfully connect with audiences on social platforms beyond Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. This chapter outlines the different ways brands can work with the streaming platform Twitch to meet their audiences., referred to as Twitch, is the world’s largest online streaming platform, attracting more than 15 million daily active users […]

16 minute read

Getting Started on YouTube

As the world’s second-largest search engine, YouTube is more than just a video platform. This chapter outlines how brands can create a content strategy for YouTube to engage with viewers. It covers the types of ads that are available on the platform and how to grow the brand channel’s viewership. YouTube was founded in 2005 […]

24 minute read

Getting Started on TikTok

TikTok is the fastest growing social platform, offering brands the opportunity to connect with audiences through short videos. This chapter outlines how businesses can determine what kind of TikTok presence is right for their brand, as well as how to attract followers. After the failure of promising social startups such as Peach, Ello and Mastodon, […]

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Getting Started on Pinterest

With its strong emphasis on the visual, Pinterest can form a key part of consumer and lifestyle brands’ social media presence. This chapter outlines how Pinterest’s features can connect discovery with conversion, letting businesses set up shop on the platform, as well as how to attract followers and maintain a presence. Despite being billed as […]

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