CBS Outdoor, one of the largest out-of-home media companies in North
America, has launched a redesigned, mobile-friendly site in Canada to
advertise how to advertise with them.

The new site includes an interactive web mapping program alongside its
mobile capabilities to help companies find out more about local teams
and what advertising opportunities are already in their area.

“What better way to connect the power of Outdoor with our highly mobile world than with a mobile website?” said Michele Erskine, CBS Outdoor Director of Marketing.

When you access on your mobile in Canada, it uses geolocation to redirect you to the CBS Outdoor office closest to you. There you can explore a photo gallery of local outdoor advertising campaigns, contact the closest CBS Outdoor team or access information on other areas of the business including media, research, creative, real estate and production.

The feature that may be most pertinent to those interested in outdoor advertising, is the interactive mapping tool developed with Bing maps. The US version of the site also has a general coverage map that displays bus routes and rail/subway lines and stations.

The map allows you to select an area, type of advertising and size of advertising to see what media options are available to you and the market you’re looking to target. Some selections will also include a small thumbnail image so you can see the location and the advertising that has been there previously. It also shows you the direction the advertising will face so you can formulate what audience and what time of day you want consumers to see it.

The improvement to lead generation and customer experience seems to be the focus for this redesign. You can easily select units you’re interested in advertising on via the interactive website and save them on a map to send to the sales team. Actually most things you do lead to the sales team, but it’s so subtle you don’t notice.

It will be interesting to see what percent sales increases off the back of this. It’s a simple and interactive way to get tailored lead generation from clients who are already have an inkling of what they want from outdoor advertising. It’s a step ahead of their competitors, though with nearly 550,000 outdoor media displays in the US alone, CBS Outdoor already dominate the market. This digital offering, free of the customary pie charts and bar graphs, can only widen the gap.