One of the biggest drivers for change often comes from the advances in technology. This is true for us as a society and us as marketers.

For instance, with the invention of smart phones, a whole industry bloomed and our behaviour changed. I, like most people, feel lost without that tiny computer in my pocket. Who prints off maps anymore?

So what’s going to happen with technology in the upcoming year?

Jess Seilheimer POV, SVP Digital Strategy & Planning, Havas Life NYC

I think we are going see more of a focus on enterprise level apps/software (think Evernote and vs. the Instagrams and Facebook/Path’s weve seen in years past. Why? B/c we don’t need more “mee toos” social apps like Yammer.  

We need tech /mobile software solutions that can scale and offer mass productivity for large corporations and small businesses so they can better manage new workflows in the digital world and allows for flexibility across devices and outside the office. 

These technologies have not scaled quick enough and businesses are suffering and infighting with employees “BYOD” attitude so they can get the work done “ their way”.

Karen Dealy, President, U.S. Advertising Operations at YANGAROO, Inc.

In the coming year, we should expect to see more of the learnings from digital advertising begin to disrupt other, more traditional aspects of the industry, especially when it comes to broadcast. For example, as agencies have become accustomed to the efficiencies that digital provides in purchasing online inventory, their expectations for other aspects of the business are changing. 

In fact, there’s a real opportunity here for companies to use technology to speed up and simplify the process of getting ads on the air by cutting out some of the manual holdovers of an earlier age – faxes and phone calls – that were and, in many cases, still are required to make that happen.

Maxifier CEO, Anthony Katsur

Many commentators are predicting that 2013 will herald the introduction of programmatic premium technologies, but these already exist. 2013 will see these technologies embraced as more businesses recognize the value they bring. 

We will see a greater adoption of programmatic solutions by the sell side focused around making the selling of premium inventory more efficient and more appealing to advertisers and agencies. Also, consolidation in the market is needed. There are currently too many technologies that add little real value or don’t integrate well into the overall ecosystem. Something has to give!

CEO, Paul Miller, UBM Tech

On the whole, the technology industry needs to get used to single digit growth rates and realize that this is “normal” in many industries. The companies that win in single digit growth rate industries tend to invest heavily in R&D and marketing. Tech companies tend to be stronger in R&D investment and weaker on marketing. 

2013 will see a sea change in this history as Tech companies begin to differentiate through content marketing (story telling) and strong creative campaigns. Big Data, Analytics and Cloud Computing will continue to dominate the landscape along with Mobile and Mobile commerce will grow rapidly from its nascent status today. 

In turn security will continue to dominate every tech solution and ramification will continue to infiltrate all areas of business from training to employee morale to customer outreach and interaction.

Doug Wheeler, CMO of Optify

User experience is becoming a major part of every website and personalization is in its core. Whether it’s cookie-based, login based or machine based identification, personalization will grow and services that offer the ability to personalize experience will emerge as well.