Channel 4’s TV on-demand service 4OD has attracted over 1m viewers since its launch in December, in a boost to the hopes of broadband TV providers.

Speaking to the FT, 4’s video on demand head Sarah Rose said 20m programmes had been viewed through the service, but wouldn’t reveal how much usage was taking place over the net, rather than through Virgin Media or BT Vision set top boxes.

4OD offers a range of Channel 4’s programming for download up to 30 days after broadcast, and charges 99p for TV shows and £1.99 for films.

Rival broadcasters ITV and the BBC also have on-demand broadband TV services planned.

The BBC Trust is expected to approve the corporation’s plans to introduce its new iPlayer today – a piece of software that will stream the BBC’s programmes to internet users or allow them to be downloaded.

Meanwhile, ITV is set to relaunch its website tomorrow and start offering its own on-demand service.