A marketer’s guide to China’s key social media and ecommerce trends

‌ Understanding China’s internet and marketing landscape is no longer just the preserve of ‘China-watchers’ or entrepreneurs who want to start up a business in China.

allbirds on the tmall store. still from video via Alizila

How Allbirds has been successful in both the west and China

Breaking into the Chinese market is a notorious challenge for many overseas brands, despite the appeal. Here’s how D2C footwear brand Allbirds has adapted to China.

Learning from Chinese retail in the coronavirus crisis

 ‌ There has been a growing awareness in the west in recent years that we should look to China for the digital trends of the future, as it has become increasingly apparent that Chinese use of the internet, technology, ecommerce, social media and more is leagues ahead of ours.

But never has that been more immediately and literally true than now, as China slowly emerges from a pandemic that is still gripping the west, keeping people in their homes and shuttering businesses of all kinds.

New Retail

‘New retail’ to VR: The hottest digital technologies in China that you should know about

China is in first place for ‘new retail’ New retail is a term coined by Jack Ma of Alibaba and describes “the integration of online, offline, logistics and data across a single value chain.” Customer profiles will be more accurate and individualized than they ever were, in order to provide highly personalized purchasing advice or options. […]


Digital Shift Q1 2021 Chapter 4 – Livestreaming

 ‌ Last year’s Singles’ Day broke records in terms of sales figures, with livestreaming becoming an increasingly important part of the day. In this chapter, Digital Shift looks at the increasing popularity of livestreaming, as well as how the trend is taking hold in the west.