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China ecommerce: A simple checklist for converting more traffic on your own website

 ‌  At Econsultancy Live, Jonathan Travers-Smith, founder and CEO of marketing agency Hot Pot China described some of the challenges for Western brands seeking to sell online into China, including how to optimise your existing ecommerce presence to cater to the needs of the Chinese consumer.

A marketer’s guide to China’s key social media and ecommerce trends

‌ Understanding China’s internet and marketing landscape is no longer just the preserve of ‘China-watchers’ or entrepreneurs who want to start up a business in China.

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Digital Shift Q1 2021 Chapter 4 – Livestreaming

 ‌ Last year’s Singles’ Day broke records in terms of sales figures, with livestreaming becoming an increasingly important part of the day. In this chapter, Digital Shift looks at the increasing popularity of livestreaming, as well as how the trend is taking hold in the west.