Psychological horror film Citadel is letting fans view bespoke clips from the movie via an augmented reality enhanced poster.

Realise Digital collaborated with Sigma Films and Bl!nder Films to create buzz ahead of the premiere, which took place at the SXSW Film Festival in Texas this weekend.

Once you’ve installed Aurasma’s app, simply point your mobile at the poster (which has been appearing around Austin) to reveal unique edits of scenes from the film.

Where previously, film posters have simply augmented trailer footage within offline film marketing, the Citadel poster is a bespoke edit designed specifically for the festival audience. Viewers are then invited to interact further via Facebook.

Realise Digital is using this technique for several clients, including Tottenham Hotspur and Channel 4, but this is the first application of the technology to compliment the marketing of a feature film.

Realise executive creative director Don Smith said that Aurasma is rapidly transforming the digital landscape.

This is the beginning of truly integrated marketing, the breadth of content and interactivity we can now deliver is astounding. The entertainment world is perfectly set to embrace technology. And Citadel, being a film that explores many themes, is an ideal candidate to educate and excite the audience through a deeper, mobile experience.”

With the sheer volume of new entertainment content now available, it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Of course, a good story is the most important place to start, but often film studios will rely on throwing big budgets into buying up television, pre-roll ads and print ads as they always have done.

Even integration with social often takes on ‘old media’ mindset, with films simply ‘taking over’ YouTube’s homepage for a day.

Of course, there are some wonderful examples of engaging in a better, smarter way (like Wieden & Kennedy’s work in the run-up to the launch of Coraline, or much of Way To Blue’s work with Disney or 20th Century Fox) – but imagination is often lacking.

Here we see the powers that be deciding to create something unique to expand a traditional poster campaign. There’s no need to wipe out tried and tested ways of marketing altogether, but this is a creative way of combining both in an environment that’s appropriate.

Almost 20,000 tech-savvy marketers and media bods attended SXSWi alone last year, so it’s an ideal audience to test out this kind of project. I look forward to seeing some stats on engagement with the poster, interaction with the AR functionality – and subsequent sharing.