iphone loveiPhone users are happier. Their phones are smarter. And BlackBerry users have a serious case of iPhone envy.

Research firm Crowd Science learned, in a survey conducted over the past month that iPhone have a satisfaction score of 73% with their devices, compared wtih Blackberry owners (52%) and other smartphone users (41%). Even more iPhone owners say they’re loyal to the brand (82%).

And four out of 10 Blackberry and other smartphone users say they would switch to the Apple iPhone in a trice. According to Gartner, Apple more than doubled its share of the worldwide
smartphone market in Q1 of this year to 10.8%.And that’s not counting last Friday’s launch of the iPhone 3G S, which Apple says sold over a million units this past weekend. Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster notes that 12% of buyers are now switching from a BlackBerry, compared with 6% last year. Munster commented this, “may indicate the
company is making headway among business users slowly adopting the
iPhone platform for corporate use.”

While consumers are clearly lusting after the iPhone, the’re less willing to make the switch to AT&T to do so. Apple could see another real uptick in iPhone sales once it opens the device to other carriers. According to Munster, 28% of new iPhone buyers are switching to AT&T, compared with 38% last year and 52% in 2007, when the device came to market.

Numerous iPhone studies find device owers take advantage of a myriad of iPhone features, particularly online apps and services. Boingo Wireless released data
today on mobile device access on its airport network of Wi-Fi
hotspots. An astonishing 89.2% of mobile users access Boingo with iPhones — up from 1% in 2007. And the iPhone is followed by a 2.8% share for the iPod Touch. Blackberry, in contrast, accounts for 0.2% of the devices accessing Boingo.