Coffee, drugs and brand names are key to creating an eye-catching infographic, according to research from

It also found that a bright colour scheme, quality design and grabbing copy are also important factors for driving high traffic numbers.

The experiment was setup up in January by 10 Yetis and aSocialMediaAgency to investigate what subjects and design features are key for creating a successful infographic.

Since then more than 245,500 people have visited more than 200 infographics hosted on the site.

The top five most popular focus on technology, drugs and geeks, but the most popular theme was coffee.

In general, infographics focusing on Apple, Facebook and Twitter proved to be big traffic drivers.

Interestingly, the best performing social platforms in terms of sharing infographics and driving traffic to the site were, in this order, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and then Google+.

The top three infographics were:

Coffee vs. Tea

Just how BIG is Apple?

15 Things you should know about marijuana