Compete’s web analytics tools has attempted to give a broader range of stats beyond mere visits and page views by introducing stats measuring visitor’s ‘attention’.

In a recent post, Steve Rubel discussed what would replace the page impression, and while the unique visitor metric is probably the most reliable metric available at the moment, it fails to measure a user’s engagement with a particular site.

This is where Compete’s ’attention’ metric could be useful - it measures the total amount of time U.S. users spend on a website as a percentage of total time spent on the internet by all U.S. users.

Compete attention stats

The above graph gives a comparison of MySpace, eBay and YouTube, and shows that MySpace users spend far more time on that site that the others.

While other web analytics companies, such as Hitwise, track stats at ISP level, Compete, along with Alexa and others, get their stats from users who have their toolbars installed.

This means that attention stats for many smaller sites and blogs, including E-consultancy, are not available at the moment.