What are the best multichannel marketing campaigns you’ve seen over the last six months? Which brands are the most innovative in this area? 

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We’ll also feature the top ten responses on the blog in the run up to the events. Just use the #cometojump hashtag and share your thoughts on joined up campaigns in the past six months that have impressed you. 

For some inspiration, here are five of our favourite campaigns from the past few years… 

Nectar, Sainsbury’s and Yahoo: Consumer Connect

By using data from 17m Nectar card users and cross-referencing this with users with Yahoo email accounts, Nectar created a panel of thousands of users who shopped at Sainsbury’s and used Yahoo’s web properties. 

The inaugural campaign was for Cadbury’s Crème Egg, and used offline purchase behaviour along with Yahoo search, display, behavioural, demographic and other data to create audience segments to target ads more effectively. 

Crème Egg ads were served online across the Yahoo network and tracked back to sales. Cadbury’s estimates that, for every £1 spent online, it generated £3 in offline sales. 

Bing and Jay-Z’s ‘Decoded’ campaign 

In a tie up between the search engine and Jay-Z’s autobiography, pages of the rapper’s forthcoming autobiography were placed in locations around the US and the world, from billboards to cars, inside jackets, and at the bottom of swimming pools. 

An online game was integrated with this outdoor campaign where fans could decipher clues to find the locations of upcoming pages, using Bing’s maps to do this. 

The results? 1m more Facebook fans for Jay-Z, a bestselling book, an 11.7% increase in visits to Bing, and 1.1bn global media impressions. 

Mercedes 4D augmented reality presentation

If you’re looking to make an impression and if budget isn’t too much of a big deal then, well, this might fit the bill…

British Airways Executive Club mobile campaign

To promote the launch and maximise downloads of the new Executive Club mobile application, BA and e-Dialog developed a unique strategy, using historical customer data to target smartphone users in a highly targeted email-to-mobile campaign.

The strategy involved analysis of data to determine which customers had opened emails on a mobile and on which device (iPhone, BlackBerry etc.). BA could then ensure that emails were optimised for each device, and linked to the appropriate app download. 

The results show the value of using customer data for multichannel marketing, as well as the importance of optimising emails for mobile devices, and achieved open rates in excess of 50% and clicks over 25% for iPhone and Blackberry users. 

Tesco Korea’s QR code superstore

With a blend of outdoor advertising, mobile commerce and QR codes, Tesco Korea created an innovative multichannel campaign, which produced some impressive results.

Using the fact that Koreans are time-poor, Tesco Korea (or HomePlus as it is known there) created virtual supermarket shelves in subways, with QR codes to allow users to scan products with their smartphones and buy them for home delivery.

The result was that more than 10,000 people scanned the QR codes, new customer registrations rose by 76%, and online sales were up by 130%. A win all round, and a great way to extend the retailer’s reach without opening new stores. 

The campaign generated more than double the targeted number of downloads, over 250,000, and more than 70,000 clicks to BA.com/apps. 

Use the #cometojump hashtag and share your thoughts on latest joined up campaigns in the past six months that have impressed or ones that haven’t quite met the mark. ‘Thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ let us know what stood out and why in 140 characters. (Good luck!) 

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