glamourWhile conventional thinking tells us that tech geeks and early adopters
tend to have a Y chromosome, research shows that women are increasingly
the most prolific users of hardware and networks, spending more time
online and engaging more often and more meaningfully.

With the launch of the Glamour Magazine app, Conde Nast is taking steps to engage this important market more directly.

Offline, women also buy more magazines than men, and with apps like Flipbook moving the device in a publisher-friendly direction, it’s about time that more female-friendly titles started to appear alongside GQ, Wired, Esquire and other early adopters.

This week, Conde Nast has taken its first steps to engage women with iPads, with the launch of the Glamour magazine app.

Along with all the usual fashion tips and photo features, iPad users will have the chance to browse articles for free, purchase full issues at $3.99, and receive a bonus welcome pack including celebrity and fashion video content.

While subsequent issues will not include bonus material, there will be a specially edited ‘vertical’ version for iPad users, with larger photos and extra slideshows.

In addition, Conde Nast seems to be betting on mobile commerce, with rich-text advertising throughout and an integrated shopping gallery allowing readers to directly purchase items featured in the magazine.

Glamour’s editor in chief Cindi Lieve believes that although there is a steep learning curve ahead of them, women’s magazines can benefit from new digital formats.

Speaking to the Daily Finance she noted
“If you’re browsing around the app store, there just isn’t much there for women. It gives us what we think is a really good opportunity for R&D.”

There’s also that question of early adoption. Glamour’s digital version is available in all locations instantly, giving those who subscribe a significant jump on friends who read the print version. A significant attraction for those who want to stay au fait with the latest styles.

While they may not be willing (or daft enough) to stand outside the Apple store in the rain at 4am to grab the latest gadgets first, Women represent a huge market share and if Glamour proves successful, female-orientated apps for the mobile market mean long-term profit for publishers.