has launched a video app for Facebook called ‘House of Horrors’ to raise awareness of the importance of home insurance.

The app, created by A Social Media Agency, is part of an ongoing digital marketing strategy that aims to alert consumers to the benefits of home insurance, promoting the comparison site as a destination for buying a policy.

After connecting to the app users are asked to enter their postcode, which connects with Google Maps to start the video with a personalised shot of their house.

Drawing inspiration from Take This Lollipop, images from the user’s Facebook profile are then shown during a video of a burglar breaking into a house  - making it appear as if it is their home that has been broken into.

Since the app coincides with the launch of’s Nectar promotion, an ad at the end of the video promotes the fact that customers will receive 1,000 Nectar points if they purchase a policy – and the viewer can click an icon the share the video.

This is a clever way of selling home insurance, which isn’t the most interesting topic for consumers. Though some of the image placement is a little clunky, and the app itself isn’t the best looking Facebook offering we’ve seen.

Other brands have shown that it is possible to create very slick video content for Facebook, but budget is probably an issue here.

The strategy seen here is similar to a Rentokil Facebook app we reported on last month.

Rather than going for a hard sell, both campaigns instead raise awareness of a problem and present their brand as a potential solution.

Home insurance and pest control are both products that consumers are unlikely to get excited about or talk naturally about on social media, so by creating interesting visual apps and Rentokil are seeking to give Facebook users an incentive to share the branded content.

This is a tactic Facebook itself placed great emphasis on at its recent fMC event in London, and shows that brands are aware they need to offer consumers a reason to engage with them on social media.