It’s been our busiest ever week on the board, with 6,714 people tweeting over 8,000 times, and mustering up an extra 1,037 mentions between you.

We’ve had suggestions covering industries from automotive to financial, we’ve seen great ads and heard about rising industry stars that you think deserve recognition, but we’re greedy and we want more!

Remember, in week six our leader will be chosen to help judge The Digitals, with the chance to influence the results and help choose from the cream of the digital crop. We’ll be promoting the awards around the world to Econsultancy and new media age followers and subscribers – over 500,000 marketers, and this is your chance to have your say. 

As promised we’ve made it harder to climb to the top of the board, we now take the influence scores of those who share your content, and we’ll be running resets on a weekly basis, meaning anyone can get to the top, but you’ll have to get involved to manage it.

Let us know who you think really deserves to be singled out, which work should be celebrated at The Digitals? It can be a piece of content, a site, a campaign, a product, an app – anything that you think is really helping the digital industry to evolve. 

Use #TheDigitals hashtag on Twitter to share your favourite content and campaigns. 

Head to #TheDigital’s leaderboard to check out your current rank now.

And don’t forget to view the official The Digitals website. We’re open for entries until March 13th, so make sure you don’t miss your chance for fortune and glory!