Here’s some of the great content this week’s Superstars have been sharing: 

1: Oscars Infographic

This great infographic from this week’s leaders Silverbean, showing how the Twittersphere reacted to this year’s Oscars:

2: Analytics reports

A super handy ‘Day/Hour’ Ecommerce report for Google Analytics shared by previous #TheDigitals champ Dan Barker:

3: Digital CVs

Looking for a new role in digital? Alex Pollock shared this useful guide to the future of the CV – Why not use it next time you’re search the Econsultancy Jobs board 😉

4: Music apps with style

A cool app for music lovers that lets you ‘shape’ the songs you hear, courtesy of the interminably funky @RenePower

5: Guides to the future

This great presentation from Jamie Brighton on future marketing trends, as seen at #TFMA2013 this week – check it out on Slideshare.

6:Pinterest for business

An interesting bit of replatforming news as boutique agency Cyclonix decides to up sticks and move their agency site to… Pinterest! Thanks to Claire Adams for the tip:

7: Pontifications

Oh, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t include a wordcloud featuring the Pope’s tweets. Now there’s a man who knows how to stay ‘on message’:

Keep the good stuff coming our way via #TheDigitals hashtag to climb the board – Congratulations again to Silverbean! Next week we’ll be announcing our overall winner, who will join our international judging panel and help us shape the future of digital. 

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