The Challenge

A Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company needed to identify its marketing capability gaps from across 50 markets, to build a scalable and global learning programme designed to establish the organisation as the indisputable industry leader in customer experience.

What We Did

We launched a customised Digital Skills Index (DSI) to a team of over 1,000 marketers evaluating 10 key strategic marketing capabilities across the organization. Simultaneously an engagement plan was mapped out to demonstrate the value of the DSI and drive completion of the 45-minute assessment across this global audience. The findings provided an internal comparison across seniority level, job functions, business units and markets respectively. In addition, external healthcare and pharmaceutical DSI results served as a secondary benchmark.

The Results

According to our major stakeholder: “The DSI helped our team baseline our organisational knowledge of digital marketing, and then benchmark our knowledge against the rest of the company as well as other healthcare/pharma companies.”

The programmes continue into 2019 with both assessment and the design of an ensuing learning programme. Marketers who took the assessment praised its value to their experience. One said: “It was a very good assessment… that really made you think and got you to question your level of understanding of this important space.”