The Challenge

Our client has operations in over 180 countries and a significant business providing fixed line, mobile, broadband and entertainment services in the UK. The various marketing teams are responsible for briefing and delivering a large number of projects and campaigns through in-house and external agencies. Whilst a campaign development process existed, it was poorly understood and adopted, which created complexity, cost and time inefficiencies.

What We Did

We worked closely with senior marketing stakeholders across business units to define a simple, logical way of working, to give direction to creative development and integrate with the newly introduced marketing tech stack. To ensure quick and easy adoption of the new way of working, the tools and processes were presented as a series of ‘quick start guides’ and snackable 90-second films as opposed to conventional long-form ‘playbooks’.

The Results

The new streamlined way of working was launched to the team through a high profile face to face event led by senior stakeholders. Marketers can now quickly access the resources via an internal intranet site at the point of need. The initial success of the programme has led to the way of working being rolled out to all brands within the group portfolio in 2019.