In spite of ever-increasing digital ad budgets and declining newspaper revenues, people still think that traditional media outlets trump digital channels for advertising and credibility.

A new Adobe survey shows that global consumers still rely on family and friends (51%) and consumer forums (35%) if they want credible information on products and brands.

Traditional media, such as newspaper and TV, came in third with 28%, while company websites scored just 17% compared to 8% for blogs and just 3% for branded social media pages.

The fact that people trust recommendations from their peers above all else is to be expected as research has consistently shown the value of consumer reviews in ecommerce, however the disparity between traditional media and official company channels may come as a surprise.

The same trend is apparent looking the best source for marketing and advertising, with traditional media considered the most effective channel (47%), followed by family and friends (31%) and consumer forums (25%). Company websites scored just 18% while blogs came last with 8%.

What source is best for marketing and advertising?

TV is still king

Though digital media allows for more effective ad targeting it seems that consumers are still more impressed by the scattergun approach of TV advertising.

When asked which is the best advertising opportunity for companies to reach them 40% of consumers answered TV.

Coupon offers were deemed to be the second most effective channel (22%), reflecting the consumer hunger for freebies and discounts.

Digital channels such as social ads (5%), online video (4%) and mobile apps (1%) are thought to be far less effective in comparison.

What is the best advertising opportunity for companies to reach you?

It’s obviously important to point out that these results are based on consumer perceptions of ad effectiveness, so the truth may actually be quite different.

However it shows that digital advertising still has an image problem in the eye of the consumer.

This is reiterated by a question asking whether respondents agreed with the statement that online advertising is not effective. Almost a third (32%) of global consumers agreed with the sentiment, while half of respondents (49%) agreed that web banner ads don’t work.

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