Twitter’s traffic may be flatlining at the moment, but Performics and ROI Research have come out with good news for marketers: Twitter users pay attention to brands on the service.

That may seem obvious to anyone who’s ever promoted a product on Twitter. But the new study, announced today at Ad:Tech new York by Performics Marketing senior vice president Michael Kahn, also found that almost half of twitterers who have been introduced to a brand on Twitter have subsequently gone on to search for more information about it. If true, that’s a big deal.

Marketers are all over Twitter, but outside of retweets and referrals, it can be hard to gauge how tweets effect business. 

Of those surveyed for the study, 48% of people who saw a brand’s name on Twitter went to a search
engine to look for the product, compared with 34% on social

About 30% admitted to learning about a product,
service or brand on a social network site. About a third (27%) are receptive to receiving invitations for events, special
offers or promotions from advertisers through the sites, and 25% said they have gone directly to an online retailer or ecommerce site after
learning about a product or service on Facebook, Twitter or another
social site.

Those surveyed were also happy to share branded information — 44% of people have recommended a product on
Twitter, and 39% have discussed a product on Twitter. Facebook skewed a
bit higher. Almost half (46%) of respondents say they would talk about
or recommend a product on Facebook. Coupons have also gotten more popular with the economy being down and 32% of respondents said that’s a message they listen
to. Sales and special deal notifications follow at 28%;
offers to win points for online currency, 23%; and sweepstakes
participation, 21%.

Of the 3,000 active U.S. social network users surveyed, about 70% use Facebook, 40% use YouTube, and 22% use
Twitter. Participants answered about 100 questions about how they discover products on social nets and the type of
advertising they will tolerate there

It’s important to keep in mind that increasing brand presence will not neccessarily increase these numbers. Part of why branded tweets are so effective is because they come with personal recommendations. If someone you trust writes positively about something, it increases your interest in it. As brands — and sponsored messages — flood the zone of Twitter, the response rate will reflexively go down.

Image: PaidPerTweet