Content Foundations and Evolution

Among the competing channels featured in Econsultancy’s Future of Marketing survey, one stood out in terms of increasing importance – content marketing.

Driven by the combination of a tumultuous media environment, increasing customer acquisition costs and changes to the measurement landscape, content is playing an increasingly vital part in brand marketing strategy.

This example-rich 60-minute session will explore:

  • How to develop an effective content marketing strategy and use content to support business objectives at every stage of the customer journey.
  • How to optimise and amplify your content across owned, earned and paid channels.
  • Ways of creating effective content that cuts through the noise, engages your target audience and builds relationships and trust.
  • How the content landscape is evolving, from the maturation of influencer marketing and the creator economy to the impact of AI.


The Future of Marketing

Econsultancy’s annual Future of Marketing report brings together survey results from more than 800 marketing professionals, covering marketing priorities for the next two years and the key trends shaping the industry, from data and privacy to generative AI.

Content Marketing Best Practice Guide

Content plays a vital part in any brand’s marketing strategy, supporting business objectives at every stage of the purchase funnel. This report provides best practice guidance on building an effective content marketing strategy to enable brands to engage audiences in creative ways that promote authenticity and trust.

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Social Media Strategy Best Practice Guide

A guide providing marketers with a framework for developing a social media strategy, summarising the main considerations including frameworks and models for connecting with audiences, successful strategies for integrating customer service into social media and the opportunities of social listening.

B2B Content Marketing Best Practice Guide

This report looks at all stages of the content marketing process which, when executed effectively, can be a powerful engagement tool and convey brand purpose and brand story in a credible and authentic way. The report offers best practice advice from experts in the field.

Quick Guide to Content Strategy

This quick guide offers an introduction to content strategy, providing guidance and outlining some key definitions, processes, tools, frameworks and practices that can enable an optimised approach.