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Seven examples of hotel content marketing campaigns

Econsultancy’s Nikki Gilliland shines a spotlight on some of the creative ways hotel brands have captured attention and engaged users through their digital content marketing. Food for thought for any sector.

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B2B Content Marketing Best Practice Guide

1. Introduction ‘Content shock’[1] is real: the volume of B2B (and B2C) content is now outweighing our human capacity to consume it. However, content marketing can still present an immense opportunity for B2B businesses. When executed effectively, it can be a powerful engagement tool for fostering loyalty, lead generation and sales, and for conveying the […]

The Digital Outlook: What’s hot for marketers in 2019?

Introduction Welcome to the first Digital Outlook report published by Econsultancy. This hype-free report draws on expert opinion in industry, as well as our research, to pick out topics that marketers may not have engaged with in 2018, but perhaps should do in 2019. The topics discussed are mostly tactical, highlighting emerging technology and processes […]

Storytelling for Marketers

Storytelling for Marketers

1. Introduction 1.1 Executive summary This report identifies best practice approaches, techniques, challenges and opportunities around storytelling in the context of marketing. It explores how marketers perceive the importance of storytelling to the practice of marketing and the best practice application of storytelling principles to support marketing objectives and activity. The following topics are covered […]


"89% of UK marketers say they the measure the success of content marketing by increased website traffic"

Find this and over 1,000 other content-related statistics and charts in our Internet Statistics Database, for you to browse, save and export. Constantly updated to reflect the latest findings.


The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

This colourful overview of the key elements of content marketing is as relevant today as when it was first unveiled by Econsultancy. An invaluable resource for anyone working on content strategy and planning projects.

Fast Track Training: Content Strategy & Editorial Planning

This training course covers the essentials of developing and delivering a successful content strategy, from building a business case to auditing your content, it’s ideal for anyone involved in the planning, production and creation of digital content.

1-day course | various dates | London

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The Content Marketing Team Matrix

The perenially popular Econsultancy Content Marketing Team Matrix offers a practical look at what makes a content team brilliant, and the necessary skills and roles needed to build one in your own organisation.

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