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AI copywriting: An overview

‌ How does this technology work, what are its benefits, and what are its limitations? What concrete results can it produce, and are the fears about job losses grounded in reality?

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B2B Content Marketing Best Practice Guide

1. Introduction ‘Content shock’[1] is real: the volume of B2B (and B2C) content is now outweighing our human capacity to consume it. However, content marketing can still present an immense opportunity for B2B businesses. When executed effectively, it can be a powerful engagement tool for fostering loyalty, lead generation and sales, and for conveying the […]

Storytelling for Marketers

Storytelling for Marketers

1. Introduction 1.1 Executive summary This report identifies best practice approaches, techniques, challenges and opportunities around storytelling in the context of marketing. It explores how marketers perceive the importance of storytelling to the practice of marketing and the best practice application of storytelling principles to support marketing objectives and activity. The following topics are covered […]

Content Strategy Best Practice Guide

Content Strategy Best Practice Guide

 ‌ This best practice guide:

  • outlines some key definitions
  • sets out a core process for content strategy in the digital age
  • defines some key strategic models that enable the smart application of content in the service of achieving marketing objectives.


The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

This colourful overview of the key elements of content marketing is as relevant today as when it was first unveiled by Econsultancy. An invaluable resource for anyone working on content strategy and planning projects.


What is Content as a Service, and how does it work?

 ‌ The concept of Content as a Service (CaaS) has evolved in response to the dilemma posed by our modern digital ecosystem and its incredibly high demand for new and different types of content. However, it’s also an evolving concept which isn’t always clearly-defined – making it difficult to pin down exactly what it entails, and how brands can implement it.

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A marketer’s guide to progressive web apps (PWAs)

 ‌ This guide will round up everything a marketer needs to know about progressive web apps, from what they are to their features, pros and cons, and examples of PWAs in action.

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