If you made a list of all the essential tools in an online business’ toolkit, what would be on it?

Chances are you’d include content management, analytics and multivariate testing.

Autonomy, an enterprise software company, has combined all three in a newly-released version of its content management system, Interwoven TeamSite, which is most commonly used by major corporations to run websites and intranets.

With the new version of Interwoven TeamSite, licensees will be able to perform advanced multivariate testing and manage closed-loop analytics without having to use a hodgepodge of different services and platforms. The goal, obviously, is to give licensees the ability to manage their websites more efficiently.

Given that Interwoven TeamSite is an enterprise-level solution that has an enterprise-level price tag, it’s obviously out of the reach of most small and medium sized businesses. But as I read about it, I couldn’t help but think about all of the inefficiencies that exist on the websites I help operate.

For content management, I typically use WordPress or a custom content management system I helped build years ago. For analytics, it’s Google Analytics. For multivariate testing, it’s Google Website Optimizer and SiteSpect. Throw in all the other third party services I have to deal with (mailing list management, DNS, etc.) and it’s amazing anything stays operational (or that anyone involved with the websites sleeps).

It’s pretty clear that I could use some simplification and consolidation, even if an all-in-one enterprise solution is not viable financially. I suspect the same is true of a lot of online publishers. Unfortunately, I don’t know that an existing solution within my budget exists. Open-source content management systems don’t quite fit the bill. I love WordPress, but there are limitations there. Same goes for Drupal.

Since I don’t like inventing wheels (or re-inventing them for that matter), I’m issuing a challenge: an extensible content management system that’s reasonably scalable that combines the essentials (analytics, multivariate testing, mailing list management, etc.) in a decently integrated package for under $1,000. I’ll take 5 licenses, please.

I can dream, right?

Photo credit: oskay via Flickr.