Just 38% of businesses believe that their content management system (CMS) helps to deliver a brand-enhancing digital presence, according to the latest Econsultancy/Adobe Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing.

The report also shows that nearly all (87%) respondents stated that a CMS should help them to improve user and customer engagement, while 78% said it should help to build the brand though positive experiences.

But despite a widespread grasp of the fundamental role played by a CMS in delivering great experiences, the reality is that all too often the technology is actually the problem rather than the solution.

The report, entitled ‘From Content Management to Customer Experience Management’, is based on a web content management survey of more than 1,000 business professionals spanning marketing, web development and other business departments, carried out in March 2013.

Which of the following business goals does (or should) content management help you/your clients to meet?

Respondents are more likely to rate their CMS as ‘poor’ (31%) for improving engagement than they are to rate it as ‘good’ (23%).

Similarly, only 29% of respondents say their CMS is good at building the brand through positive experiences, while almost half (46%) rate it as average in this respect, and a further 22% condemn their chosen system as ‘poor’.

Going mobile

The impact of mobile on business has become hard to ignore as it becomes clear that mobile engagement is increasingly the linchpin of a slick multichannel customer experience.

Yet it is clear that companies are struggling to adapt to a multi-screen world, with 70% of respondents agreeing that ‘delivering optimal experiences across all screens and devices is a major challenge’. Very few respondents (14%) disagree with this notion.

The report highlights the deficiencies of web content management systems in this regard as mobile website functionality and responsive design are top of respondents’ wishlists.

A third of respondents (33%) say that this is the one feature they would ‘add to their CMS right now’, more than twice as many as for the next most sought after feature (targeting/segmentation).

If you could add one feature to your CMS right now, what would it be?