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What is a digital experience platform and why do you need one?

 ‌ Limitations in CMS technology, coupled with the rising expectations of consumers, has resulted in the need for more complex and innovative software solutions.

This now comes in the form of the DXP, or digital experience platform.


A day in the life of… Jessica Dannemann, CMO of Episerver

Jessica Dannemann of Episerver is an experienced marketing leader who describes her two most important skills as “bullshit detection and time management.” This is a ‘day in the life’ you don’t want to miss… Please describe your job: What do you do? Jessica Dannemann: As SVP and chief marketing officer at Episerver my job includes […]

How to make content work harder in a multichannel world

In a recent post I explored why content has never had to work harder to reach audiences – how, when, and where they want to experience it. Here I look at how publishers and content owners can get more mileage from their content by using the right architecture and tools to reach more devices.


A marketer’s guide to progressive web apps (PWAs)

 ‌ A progressive web app, or PWA, is a website with the look and feel of, and much of the same functionality as, an installed application on a desktop PC, tablet or smartphone.

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