In the coming days Econsultancy will be releasing a new survey-based report on attitudes an approaches to ‘conversion’, and as sponsors and co-authors RedEye has had a sneak peek at the results.

The key approaches are numerous and have been reviewed in some degree of depth, and there are some standout insights.

But I wanted to raise one, somewhat comical, issue that I think is going to fall below the radar of the top-line findings. This is the difference of outlook between agency responders and clients on some key issues.

Take for example the issue of ‘resources’. On the one hand, agencies see ‘lack of budget’ as the biggest barrier to improving conversion, whereas clients perceive the major barrier as ‘lack of resource’.

In a similar vein, clients see ‘technology’ as an issue, and agencies don’t! Maybe here I should paraphrase into agency speak: “If you’ve got the money, we’ve got the technology and resource…”.

Also, is there – perhaps – a strong hint of self interest here, perhaps in both sets of responses?

Removing the cynicism for a moment, these answers do point to one key factor that some, but by no means the majority of suppliers are waking up to: the market is still far too heavily software driven and suppliers provide little account management or support.

Bells and whistle are great, but it is evident to me that only a minority of the market knows how to truly maximise the basics of the many products out there.

Indeed, I have a long-held belief that the provision of ASP/self-service software suits the big US software providers rather than UK based clients.

At any rate, do keep an eye out for the Conversion Report once it’s published.