The truth is, conversion optimisation is only going to become more intrinsic to a brand’s online success.

If you’re not yet feeling the benefit of continuous, intelligent data driven conversion optimisation, be 100% sure on one thing. Your competitors either are or are planning to right now.

Through a series of articles, I will share with you the fundamental building blocks required to move beyond just ‘doing testing’, to testing and optimisation becoming your business’s biggest growth lever.

Conversion optimisation insights

In the coming weeks, the following articles will provide you with essential insights and learnings for you and your business, starting with this week’s:

  1. Conversion optimisation: assess the maturity of your current approach
  2. Five characteristics of businesses ready to grow through data driven optimisation
  3. The four critical areas for long term growth through optimisation
  4. What can the German football team teach us about Conversion Optimisation?
  5. Vanity or Sanity: Metrics in Conversion Optimisation

Where to start?

To kick off this blog series, I’ve developed a set of questions which will help you assess the maturity of your current approach to conversion optimisation.

The subsequent posts will then help you to mature your strategy in the areas which need focus.

10 questions if you already testing

  1. What percentage of the tests you have run deliver an uplift in your primary conversion metric?

  2. What is the average percentage uplift in your primary conversion metric across your successful tests?

  3. How do you analyse your test results to identify genuine business learnings?

  4. How do you share the successes and learnings throughout your business?

  5. What is your businesses focus when testing – quantity of testing or quality of impact?

  6. How much does up-to-date customer research feed into your test hypotheses?

  7. From simple to radical – where on the spectrum do you focus your testing?

  8. What is your investment split between your testing tool and the people delivering your optimisation strategy?

  9. What do you do when you have an unsuccessful test? Move on, rethink the hypothesis, or rethink the design execution?

  10. Are your testing efforts actually growing your business revenues and primary KPI’s?

Eight questions if you’re not already testing

  1. What are your business challenges when looking to introduce testing into your business?

  2. How much is your business currently spending on advertising and acquisition? Is this quite a big number?

  3. Do you know if your key competitors are already testing? (hint: there are easy ways you can find this out)

  4. When was the last time you observed people outside of your business using your website to try and achieve your primary website goals?

  5. What do you know about your customers from any source, including email contact, customer service, social media, user testing or online feedback forms?

  6. When visitors start your conversion funnel (i.e. checkout, application or registration) what % of them don’t complete the transaction?

  7. How big is the HIPPO in the room, and have they been educated about the growth potential that optimisation can have for their baby (business)?

  8. What is the one biggest roadblock for you to start testing, and what can you do about it?

So who wants more? 

Remember to keep an eye out in the coming weeks for my other articles which provide in-depth insights and examples from having worked with businesses big and small and at all levels of maturity.

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