Here are some handy tools that we use in our conversion rate
optimisation service that could help readers understand this process

Tool one: Understand customer intent, and
determining if your pages and calls to action support this intent, is key to getting results.

Attention Wizard is an eye tracking simulation tool that can
give you an indication of how people may interact with each page of
your site. We are using it in private beta at the moment and it is a quick and
effective way of gauging how good your design are at directing attention. Unlike traditional eye tracking this is inexpensive and requires no extra hardware or expensive user groups.

Here are some examples: 

Our PPC page with clear route and call to action:

Before Shot

Attention map:

You can see how images draw the attention of the reader but the ultimate focus is directed to the call to action bar near the bottom of the page.

Compare that to a client’s site we are working on who has a less well directed page:

Before Shot

And this is where attention is drawn to, you can see how distracted and confused visitors will be:

Attention Map

Tool two: Clearly understanding what ‘outcome’ you want your page to generate is essential. Once you have it in good shape and have some decent traffic levels going through it, get it tagged up with a tool like clicktale.

This tool can video user sessions and is a step further than eye tracking because you see in real-time how a user interacts with your page. The beauty of clicktale is that you can store a vast number of video sessions and then filter them by specifying that you want to see all sessions that started on this landing page, reached a certain conversion page but did not convert. This way you can direct your attention to information that is critical to success and not be overwhelmed by endless amounts of data.


Tool three: Once you have a page or number of pages that are converting to an acceptable standard and you have enough traffic going through them so that you can start to run multiple versions of them in tests, then you can make consistent improvements to conversion rates that will continually drive your site forwards. A multi-variate testing platform is the easiest way to do this.

I will recommend Google’s Website Optimizer for a number of reasons.

  1. We are a certified Google Conversion Professional Agency and know this product inside and out.
  2. It’s FREE!
  3. It does a great job and is very reliable.

So this tool lets you trial different calls to action, imagery, headings, layouts etc. and you can safeguard existing conversion rates by specifying what percentage of your traffic is directed down the trial routes.

Here is a screenshot of the basic report you see when a test is running:

Website Optimizer Screenshot

Hopefully these tools will give you a glimpse into what can be achieved and where to focus your attentions. We currently have a suite of more than 20 tools and tests that we use to drive our clients conversion rates forwards and this is all under-pinned by our proven methodology that we have been working on for over two years now.

We are currently running a no win, no fee conversion rate optimisation service that is open to a maximum of five clients every three months.