Unsigned British band 7 Seconds Of Love has reached an out-of-court settlement with Coca-Cola over the soft drinks giant’s use of their material in a TV commercial.

An advert for Coca Cola, shown in Argentina, borrowed liberally from the music and video for the band’s song Ninja, from 2005, which featured kittens in ninja outfits bouncing up and down.

The band’s singer Joel Veitch, who is a regular contributor to the superb b3ta.com website (as well as being the brains behind rathergood.com) was alerted to the Coca Cola advert by fans who pointed out the similarities. See Rob Manuel’s blog for a comparison of the two videos.

Veitch was filled with ‘righteous anger’ at the use of his ideas – Coca-Cola had not only used ideas from the video, but the song in their advert was remarkably similar too.

After talks, Coca-Cola have agreed to withdraw the advert and pay the band an undisclosed sum, a large portion of which Joel intends to donate to charity.

With the rest of the cash, Joel intends to re-record and release the song as a single, though hopefully he’ll keep the video with the kittens.