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Should brands be using AI copywriting in the age of the Helpful Content Update?

‌ Google’s update means sites that use extensive automation to produce content could find themselves in the crosshairs. What does this mean for AI copywriting tools?

Storytelling for Marketers

Storytelling for Marketers

This report explores techniques, challenges and opportunities around storytelling in the context of marketing and brings together important best practices to help marketers tell better and more compelling stories.


How RappiPay Mexico is using AI to speak to customers ‘in their own language’

You might have heard of Rappi, a rapidly-growing Colombian on-demand delivery startup and last mile ecommerce platform that has been called the “Latin American super app“. Like many super apps, Rappi has a payments arm: RappiPay, originally launched as a peer-to-peer payments platform and electronic wallet service in 2018 (Portuguese-language source). It has since rolled […]

Four food brands with delicious copywriting

People eat with their eyes, or so the expression goes, which is why food brands tend to rely on high quality imagery and design to sell their products.  But while words are tricky to get right, copywriting can be just as important from a marketing context, with the most successful examples triggering both an emotional […]


Agency positioning – what does good look like?

Towards the end of last year, I explored how the same tired words and phrases are regurgitated and recycled by agencies, to the point where they have become pretty much meaningless. Yes, I was the one that ripped your agency proposition to shreds. Sorry about that.

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