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Briefing: AI copywriting - An overview

Copywriting, when done effectively, can have a hugely beneficial impact on click-throughs and conversion rates. Really excellent copy is funny and attention-grabbing, nuanced and empathetic, or plays subtly with our expectations and the meanings of words. Surely all of these things require a human touch?

In this briefing, we delve into how AI copywriting technology works; the benefits and limitations, the concrete results it can produce, and whether the fears about job losses are grounded in reality.

Modern Marketing Model Econsultancy

The Modern Marketing Model (M3)

The Modern Marketing Model (M3) The increase in new channels and technologies has dramatically changed the environment in which marketers operate. But the way in which marketing is taught, understood and operates has not really changed. This is not sustainable. We need a new unifying framework as a reference for what marketing has become. 1. […]

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The Fundamentals of Email Marketing

1. Email: The Backbone of Your Digital Marketing Programme No tool in your marketing toolbox is as valuable and necessary to you as your email marketing programme. That’s a big statement, but we can back it up with facts: Email pays off. Email generates a generous return on its budget investment, higher than any other […]

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Agency positioning – what does good look like?

Towards the end of last year, I explored how the same tired words and phrases are regurgitated and recycled by agencies, to the point where they have become pretty much meaningless. Yes, I was the one that ripped your agency proposition to shreds. Sorry about that.

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