If you’re a consumer, finding a buying your favorite tunes is as easy as opening up iTunes or heading over to Amazon.com or Google Play.

But where do you go if your business is in search of the perfect song for a presentation, corporate video or trade show event?

Seattle-based Corbis, one of the best-known photo licensing services, may have the answer. Today, it launched GreenLight Music, a music licensing service that the company hopes will make it easier for businesses to purchase the rights to songs owned by major labels like Warner Music, EMI and Sony.

According to GeekWire, more than 1m songs are available through GreenLight Music. Some songs, many from past legends like The Beach Boys, are available at set prices. Other songs, including those from modern stars like Beyonce and Coldplay, require the prospective buyer to enter an offer price, which GreenLight Music conveniently suggests.

For Corbis, GreenLight Music is an obvious extension of the licensing business it’s a powerful player in. The platform was actually built in 2008 and will now play a more public role in the company’s future.

And it could be a boon for record labels, which have struggled with to deal with a decline in revenue sparked by the rise of digital music. As EMI VP Brian Monaco told Reuters, “It’s our responsibility to find new and innovative ways to help EMI’s artists achieve the success they always dreamed of. And we’re committed to finding ways to simply the sync licensing process.”